Sand. Tree. Fragile. Cleft.

This project was created literally from the draw of a hat. My classmates and I each wrote down two nouns and two adjectives on four separate sheets of paper and placed them within a hat. Then one at a time stuck our hand in and picked out two random nouns and verbs to act as inspiration for our project. My words were as follows: sand, tree, cleft and fragile. The word that interested me the most was the word tree because of my uncle’s occupation as a seed distributer I had always been intrigued by the complexities within seeds, despite the simplicity of their outer shell. To showcase the complexities within the interior of a seed, I utilized the word sand from which I drew. My love of rocks made the transition from sand into a geode because of their similarities in creation from quartz. I then utilized the word cleft in the clean division of the two halts of the seed. Finally, the word fragile came into play. When a seed is in the early stages of growing it is very fragile and weak, and needs a lot of care in order to grow, much like a baby. I wanted to showcase that relationship by making the seed the general size and weight of toddler and place it on a pillow to signify the comfort and care it needs to grow.   All of these added attributes to the common seed I believe help showcase the care and preciousness we should have for seeds because of the importance they have on our lives. 

Dimensions: 17"x9"x6"

Weight: 20lbs