Miniature Ceramic Sculpture

This project was given in order to test our ability to manipulate and sculpt clay in a smaller scale than which we are used to. We were sent to our college’s nature lab with half a pound of clay and were instructed to find and combine aspects of different animals, plants, seeds, coral, microbes, etc. and create one unified form. The objects that I used as inspiration for my sculpture were a Calla Lily flower and a Cameo Shell. The flower I loved for its soft curves and elegant shape and folds of its form. The shel I enjoyed because of its vast history of cameo engravings giving a positive relief on it’s surface and the play between the positive and negative shape within it’s form. I combined these two objects in the hope that they would complement each other and create an even more beautified and sacred item, utilizing color and ornamentation to create it.  

Dimensions: 4"x2"x1.5"

Weight: 0.3lbs